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Happy Official Autism Diagnosis Day To Me!

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Although I’ve known I was autistic for a while now, it still feels like a momentous occasion. I was officially diagnosed with autism today after undergoing a lengthy clinical assessment. I learned so much by working with a clinical psychologist who was also AuDHD and I even got a bonus diagnosis (Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder). While other people might have negative views about diagnoses and labels, I love anything and everything that helps me understand myself and live my best life.

Would I do the assessment again if I went back in time? 1000%. Although I wasn’t surprised by the autism diagnosis (maybe a little about the OCPD but not once I read the criteria), it was so validating to have another clinician assess me and come to the same conclusion I did. Getting an assessment is a privilege, not everyone has access to assessments and self-diagnosis is valid. I will be forever grateful to now have my official diagnosis and have more clarity about my brain and how I operate (which is really, really different from most folks).

So, Happy Autism Diagnosis Day To Me!

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