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Reflections on running an autistic membership community for 5 months

Updated: Mar 22

Like with most everything else I do (thanks, ADHD!), I hit the ground running when I started my private practice. I quickly filled up to have not only regular 40 therapy clients but also, I started a Late-Discovered Autistic Community in October 2023.

I’ve been thinking a lot about community these days as I reflect on what the past 5 months have been like facilitating this community. It just so happened that I was on Instagram recently when a bell hooks quote caught my eye:

“... the single most important bond is that of community…” bell hooks.

This quote caused me to reflect on what has been the most challenging as an autistic person which has been the feeling of being so separate and different from others. At the center of my healing has been connecting with the autistic community which I have done via my work as an openly autistic therapist and content creator.

Many of my clients often report feeling alone and isolated too. While I am a huge proponent of neurodivergence-affirming therapy, it doesn’t replace the lack of community and connection with others that autistic people can experience. Autistic people are generally misunderstood and othered by society including by those most close to them.

The amount of support and connection I have witnessed in the Late-Discovered Autistic Community has broken my heart wide open. The community offers a level of support and connection that I could not provide simply as a therapist a person sees for 50 minutes every week or every other week. Community is medicine. Community is healing.

What I have learned over the past 5 months is that community connection is vital for autistic people to heal. Connecting to community is especially difficult for many autistic people due to lack of affirming and safe spaces for us to connect. Intentionally created and professionally facilitated membership spaces offer an environment that autistic people can connect with each other, form bonds, and heal together.

Our community is open and welcoming new members if this seems like a space that would provide the healing and connection you seek. Click here to learn more.


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