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Neurodivergent Maternal Mental Health

It is not easy to find a neurodiversity-affirming therapist much less an openly neurodivergent one. I get it, our culture is still way behind the times on this one. So, in case you were wondering, yep I am most definitely neurodivergent and yes, I specialize in seeing neurodivergent mamas. And I take insurance!! I think I might be a unicorn!

So what does neurodivergent even mean? In a nutshell: The term neurodiversity was coined in the 1990s by Australian sociologist Judy Singer. She wanted to help fight the stigma against people with conditions such as autism that make their brains operate in ways outside of the mainstream. Neurodivergent brains are wired differently. They are not defective. They simply function in less common ways. This includes autism, ADHD, OCD, Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), people with developmental disabilities, tourettes, etc.

So how does one find out if they are neurodivergent? You can get tested by a psychologist or psychiatrist. You can get diagnosed with a licensed therapist. You can self-diagnose. More than likely, if you suspect you are neurodivergent, you probably are. For me, it has been pretty obvious although the exact type of neurodiversity (autism) wasn't clear to me until more recently. Once I read enough books on the subject, I felt like a huge mystery was solved and my life makes a lot more sense. This may happen for you as well. There is a large, robust neurodiverse community out there and it is an incredibly supportive community.

Now I love neurotypical people. I am married to one. Most of my family members are neurotypical. I am not trying to deny them access to my services, however, I believe we need more openly neurodivergent therapists offering specialty therapy for neurodiverse people. I still accept neurotypical clients but my focus is on providing special support for the neurodivergent mamas out there.


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