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Being Autistic is Gold

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I've observed that we autistics tend to underestimate our own worth. Society has historically undervalued and exploited us for so long that we often internalize these negative beliefs. Personally, I've spent a significant portion of my life concealing being autistic. However, I recently made the conscious decision not only to embrace my autistic identity but also to build an entire business around it.

My business has experienced tremendous success, and I firmly attribute this success to the fact that I am autistic. Being autistic has provided me with a unique perspective, allowing me to see things differently, which has proven immensely advantageous as a business owner. I make connections via pattern recognition and think outside the box which helps me generate new and innovative ideas.

It pains me to encounter fellow autistics who undervalue themselves, as I once did. It brings to mind a poignant story of a golden Buddha from the 18th century. To protect it from theft, the Buddha was covered in mud and remained in the same town for three centuries. Then, one day, it cracked, revealing that what people had assumed to be a clay Buddha was, in fact, made of gold all along. Similarly, we autistic individuals often perceive ourselves as clay Buddhas when, in reality, we are made of gold.

I chose the name "My Autistic Therapist" for my business to celebrate the realization that being autistic is akin to gold. I am proud to be someone's autistic therapist. With the right accommodations and support, autistics can achieve remarkable feats. I hope that autistics can look at my business and see that it's entirely possible to create a successful venture tailored to an autistic person's needs. I have the freedom to work on my terms, with people I choose, and in the manner that suits me best. My marketing strategy revolves around sharing my passions, allowing me to contribute positively to the world while making a living.

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