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 Coaching Sessions

Radically Neurodivergence-Affirming Online Coaching 


Looking for immediate support? Schedule a single coaching session to address 1-2 issues.

Coaching sessions are offered on an as needed, first come, first served basis. These coaching sessions are subject to availability (see booking page for current availability). Coaching sessions differ from therapy in that coaching is not clinical (AKA, you will not receive a diagnosis). Coaching can address a variety of issues such as late-diagnosis/discovery, relationship challenges, masking/unmasking, internalized ableism, burnout and more. 


Danielle is an AuDHD coach with lived experience who specializes in working with Autistic, AuDHD'er and 2e (disabled + gifted) adults. Coaching sessions are specifically designed for these neurotypes. 

Danielle's coaching style is warm, person-centered, and collaborative. Danielle pulls from modalities and theories such as polyvagal theory, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, the neurodiversity movement and more. During your single coaching session, you will work together for 50 minutes to address 1-2 issues. 

Investment: $275 per coaching session. Each session is 50 minutes long.

Coaching is NOT therapy. Please see coaching consent form for legal differences. 

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