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Getting Online Perinatal Therapy Now

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Welcome to Presence Perinatal

Hello, my name is Danielle Aubin and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker located in California.

I provide online neurodivergence-affirming postpartum and prenatal psychotherapy for neurodiverse adults located in California and Minnesota specializing in:

  • Perinatal Mood Disorders: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Psychosis

  • Trauma

  • Parenting

This blog includes posts about various topics including neurodivergence, parenting, perinatal mood disorders, the psychotherapeutic process, and more.

Online Prenatal Postpartum Therapy California Minnesota
Danielle Aubin, LCSW Online Perinatal Therapist California

What are Perinatal Mood Disorders?

Did you know that PMADs affect at least 1 in 5 birthing people during pregnancy and/or during the first year after childbirth? These illnesses – also known as perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, or PMADs — are the #1 complication of pregnancy and childbirth. These disorders include Perinatal depression, perinatal anxiety, Perinatal Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post-Partum Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Perinatal Panic Disorder, and Psychosis.

Birthing people experiencing PMADs may:

  • feel sad, hopeless, or overwhelmed

  • feel anxious or panicky

  • regret having a baby

  • have trouble sleeping

  • think their family would be better off without them

  • fear of leaving the house or being alone

  • isolate themselves from others

  • have unexplained anger or irritability

  • fear they might harm themselves or others

  • problems completing daily tasks

  • problems with concentration

  • feel unable to control their actions or their thoughts

  • feel guilty for their feelings/thoughts

  • feel relentless worry

  • feel self-doubt

What is your treatment method for Perinatal Mood Disorders?

As a psychotherapist, I use online talk therapy, mindfulness, and somatic therapy to help you reach your wellness goals. The type of psychotherapy I practice is eclectic but is deeply inspired by the work of Carl Jung, mindfulness, and somatic therapies. My approach focuses on the therapeutic relationship and we work together to understand your unconscious and its influence on your conscious behavior, as well as to make changes in order to live the life you want to live.

What to expect in therapy sessions

Each therapy session looks different depending on what is going on for you and what you'd like to focus on. For a typical online perinatal therapy session, the session is conducted via HIPAA-compliant video and lasts 50 minutes. We can cover any topic that comes to mind that feels like it would be useful for you to talk about. I listen deeply to what is being shared, offer insights and help you discover new truths, and deepen your awareness of yourself and patterns that may be holding you back. We work together to increase the light of awareness that shines on your life and in doing so, this can help you feel better equipped to handle life, and be the best person/parent you can be.

I would be honored to work with you

You do not have to handle your challenges alone. I am here to help you on this journey.

To book your first session for a free 15-minute exploratory call, click on this link:

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