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Online Support Group For Autistic Parents Of Autistic Kids

Updated: Aug 27, 2023

Online autistic parent support group

Spread the word! As my waitlist gets longer and longer, I am starting to realize that I need to find ways to serve more folks instead of just offering one on one therapy sessions. So, voila! I created a 6 week supportive space for autistic parents of autistic kids. Get ready to dive into all things autistic parenting (yes, it is one of my special interests, LOL). There are a lot of support groups centered around parenting autistic kids but zilch for parents who are autistic themselves. Well, not anymore! We are going to dive into all sorts of fun topics like raising a PDA'er when you are a PDA'er yourself (or completely not a PDA'er and you are baffled). We'll talk about intersectionality and navigating barriers and so much more. This group is for YOU therefore, you can bring topics to the table and we will create a community that will meet your need for support. Although this group will run for 6 weeks only, I plan to run it multiple times per year. I am keeping the group on the smaller side intentionally for many reasons, both clinical and sensory-based. My role in this group will be a facilitator role and peer. I will provide information and emotional support as well as ensure the group remains supportive, safe, and neurodiversity-affirming at all times. This group is for you if: *You identify as autistic *You identify as a parent *You would benefit from a supportive autistic-centered community *You want to learn more about yourself, your kids and your shared neurotype *You are able to hold space for others *You want to learn strategies and tips on how to manage autistic burn out, sensory overload, and other challenges If that sounds like you, please contact me to sign up via the button below.

The deadline to enroll is 9/25/2023. The cost is $50/week ($300 for all 6 weeks), paid in advance, and insurance is not accepted at this time. I hope to see you there. ~ Danielle

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